Sharon Williams Chiropractic


Orthotic Thongs - Equilibras

We offer an affordable orthotic (Equilibra) which looks just like an ordinary pair of thongs. This revolutionary design provides strength, stability and shock absorption all in one and has been approved by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration.

The body functions most efficiently when it is in physical balance.  Any compromise to one of the three arches of the foot will increase stress on the other two, thus starting a kinetic chain reaction that can spread via knees, hips, pelvis and the spine.  

Equilibras help to support physical balance. In addition, the softer shock absorbtion top with its firmer underlying arch supports provides a level of unpredictable stimulation to the brain which improves proprioceptive input and brain function.


We have a range of chiropractic pillows to suit the whole family and our clients are encouraged to have a pillow fitting to determine the best pillow for their needs.  Our chiropractic pillows are non allergenic and are therapeutically designed to encourage natural alignment of the spine. The pillows help to correct spinal alignment for side sleepers and encourage the natural curvature of the spine for back sleepers.  The pillows help to induce a restful sleep when combined with chiropractic care. 

Nutrition/Detox Program

We offer a range of products and information to assist with nutritional, dietary and detoxification needs.  This includes supplements, vitamins. homeopathic remedies and a liver and bowel cleansing program.