Applied Kinesiology

Applied Kinesiology uses muscle testing to identify imbalances and problems within your body. Certain muscle groups indicate a problem in a specific area by weakening to the application of light pressure. These problems usually have a structural basis and their correction forms part of our basic chiropractic balance. Some problems, however, have an emotional or chemical basis and applied kinesiology can assist the chiropractor to diagnose and treat these as well.

For more information see: Applied Kinesiology of Australasia


Chiropractic focusses on the proper alignment of the spine and the musculoskeletal system. Every action that takes place in your body is controlled by your nervous system. Every nerve impulse that controls these actions passes through the nerves in your spine. If the spine is not working properly it can interfere with the signals your body needs to keep everything working at its best.

Using small, targeted, precise and gentle forces the chiropractor ensures your spine - and other bones or muscles - are correctly aligned and not interfering with these vital nerve communication pathways. This can have a positive effect not only on pain and inflammation, but also on every aspect of your general health and wellbeing.

For more information see: Australian Chiropractors Association

Sacro Occipital Technique

The Cerebro-Spinal Fluid (CSF) bathes your brain, brain stem and spinal cord, providing nutrition and a level of protection to these vital parts of your body. It is kept flowing when your sacrum (lower spine about the tailbone) and the bones of your skull work together as a pump. Sometimes these bones can become fixated due to poor posture and trauma and the CSF can't flow efficiently. Sacro Occipital Technique is a gentle technique that frees up all the parts of the system to work properly.

For more information see: SOTO Australasia

Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET)

Stress is a major cause of disease and misery in the modern world. Unresolved stress can manifest itself as pain, feeling anxious for no obvious reason and problems with internal organs amongst other things. Neuro Emotional Technique uses elements of applied kinesiology and chiropractic to help remove the unresolved stresses contributing to the problems.

For more information see: Net Mind Body


Your feet support your body in all your activities. If they are not properly supported by your footwear or are not functioning properly due to flattening of the arch, uneven leg length or other damage then your whole body will be out of alignment and symptoms other than sore feet may follow.

If you continue to suffer from mechanical feet, knees, hips or ongoing postural problems following your chiropractic treatment, an orthotic scan may be helpful to determine if you require correction for your feet. We provide a foot scan and analysis service and are able to give you the results immediately. If required, we will order custom made orthotics for you, which are generally delivered within 2 weeks.

Footlevelers custom made orthotics may help to address your foot problems and help your adjustments to hold and they come with a money back guarantee. Many health funds offer a rebate for orthotics, but you are strongly recommended to check your level of cover with your provider.

For more information see: Footlevelers

Retained Primitive Reflexes

The Primitive Reflexes help the unborn and young child develop and stay safe. As the baby's ability to control it's own actions increases the primitive reflexes integrate into the higher brains control centre. Trauma can cause these reflexes to remain into childhood and can also cause them to return in the older child or adult.

Using gentle pressure on specific areas of the skull the normal membrane/bone relationship and craniosacral movement can be restored and these reflexes can be reintegrated, removing the sometimes distressing symptoms they cause.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser therapy is provided by the clinic to assist in the acceleration of pain relief and healing. When the laser is placed over injured or sick cells the light energy is absorbed, stimulating the damaged cells. This encourages the cells to increase their energy production and transforms the damaged cells in to healthy active cells.

There are 2 laser therapy phases:

Phase 1 focuses on reducing pain and inflammation, and once the pain in under control;

Phase 2 targets tissue repair.

Laser is a non invasive, safe and effective therapy, with few known side effects. Studies have shown that laser therapy combined with Chiropractic care improves the healing time significantly.